4 Best Women’s MTB Shorts for Cycling

All that makes the difference in comfortability while riding is a great pair of riding shorts. With varieties of women’s shorts on the market, it can take lots of effort to buy whatever fits you snugly. More than the chamois, you want leg grippers together made of durable fabrics that provide just the right compression. Have you seen some riders with sore bits or builders’ arms? You don’t know your next destination after riding to the hospital. Here, we help you get the best women’s MTB shorts for a comfortable ride.

In most cases, the best women’s cycling shorts come with corresponding cycling jerseys, which offers significant advantages. Think of it this way: without access to the diverse range of women’s cycling shorts available, you may find yourself spending unnecessary time and money on your search. If you’re passionate about cycling and offer guidance videos on YouTube regarding bike accessories, we suggest employing Subscriberz.com to share your insights with a wider audience. How would you feel if the same effort or even greater effort is required to get a cycling jersey? 

Some would give up on the riding jersey while for others, they would better cycle with their normal shorts and shirts. Did you know that coupled with our best-curated women’s shorts are men’s versions too? Do you want to cycle as a couple? Do you want to cycle as members of a community? You need not look further for the male versions. Herein they are covered as well. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best cycling shorts we have for you.

1. ZOANO Best Women’s MTB Shorts with Padding

These are available not only in two colors but in a variety of sizes. The shorts have the best quality material. Shorts made of materials that do not wick away the sweat thus making an uncomfortable ride. The fabrics carry sweat to the outer surface of the shorts. Moreover, the shorts are designed with women’s performance specifications in mind. Do you know your cycling speed, pace, or even regularity? All these are covered. You want to know your specifications before choosing.

To paint a picture, let’s try and think of this. You are new to the cycling community. You are oblivious to the variety of shorts available. While cycling at high speed, you lose control of the bike. Where do you start? That’s why you want to have these shorts. It has worked wonders for me. It has worked wonders for many. Surely, it will for you as well.

The shorts offer great elasticity thus remain black even when stretched. Riding shorts costs a lot, especially to the youth. One of the reasons people are afraid of buying them is the possibility of wearing out faster. These ones maintain its color throughout. Some customers have even used them for two years .They have confirmed that the colors don’t fade. During summer, you need shorts that are for sunny weather. Where do you get these shorts while all cycling companies are not season-specific? This is the right place to be. It will give you the best cycling short you need at any time.


  • The fabric is made of 93 percent polyester and 7% spandex and has excellent moisture-wicking, breathable, and quick-drying properties.
  • Reflective strips help you stay safe in low-light situations by increasing your visibility.
  • The use of a light, breathable, and soft 3D foam pad helps to reduce friction, wick sweat, and cushion bumps.
  • The inside lining and exterior shorts are two in one, and the inner lining may be removed.
  • Outside, both the outer pants and the inside liner may be worn.
  • The cycling shorts include velcro at the waist to change the waist size.
  • There are two side pockets and one zip front leg pocket. The two front pockets are deep enough to keep your phone and wallet from slipping out while cycling, while the zipper pocket may hold flat objects like cards.


  • Need to order size down.
  • Outer shell is not super breathable.

2. Cycorld Women’s Mountain Bike MTB Shorts

These shorts are just made the way you love them. The materials stretch just enough to enhance your comfortability during the ride. Do you have padded shorts? If you are a sucker for them, these shorts provide you with a one-time cycling experience. Putting the shorts together. You can put your padded shorts underneath. You will love the experience. I did it myself and the experience was way beyond my expectation.

Excellent shorts at an affordable price. With perfect stretch, where else can you get such shorts at a customer-friendly price? During the ride, you may need your phone. These shorts provide more than just save storage for phones but also storage for any valuable material. They have plenty of side pockets that are comfortable even when loaded. Sometimes pants may not fit well. You may have trouble cycling since your hips will not be easily accommodated. These shorts are perfect. They are comprehensively competitive and are tailored towards treating customers at an individual level.

This is the best women’s mtb shorts as it’s designed as per the body size. It fits just as prescribed. Neither too baggy as other Mtb shorts nor too small. They sag less and are perfect for swinging on and off, especially for low and steep descents. Are you almost crashing on the hilly side? Worry no more. Just stay put and Cyclorld will take you to your destination. Moreover, they are available in a variety of colors. It’s yours for the choosing.


  • Closes with a zipper.
  • The stylish style gives it a new lease of life.
  • Women’s Cycorld cycling shorts provide comfort and a relaxed sensation.
  • Women’s cycling shorts provide flexible, moisture-wicking breathability for extended rides, allowing you to stay dry and focused on your ride.
  • Keep your items close at hand with four compartments for storage.
  • These bike shorts come in a variety of styles. Adjustable waistbands assist to define your shape and suit your waist.
  • The lightweight fabric of the Cycorld mountain bike shorts is ideal for cycling, riding, camping, and everyday usage.


  • Might need to order a size up.
  • Different colors are different in sizes.

3. Priessei Women’s Bike Shorts With Paddling

These are the best women’s mtb shorts for anyone planning for short-distance casual cycling. They have good paddling which increases comfortability while riding. Moreover, this obliterates the pressure on your legs and rear end. While cycling, the pressure on your legs becomes too much. In extreme conditions, it can kill the dream of cycling to a certain distance because of the discomfort while riding.

While in these shorts, you have a casual look. More than their quick drying ability, the shorts have an exterior look that gives them an athletic shorts appearance. Have you used traditional spandex shorts? How did you like the experience? Could be traditional spandex shorts are not your thing. Still, you don’t want to look further, these shorts are packaged with chamois. 

At times, thin riders have a horrible look on cycling shorts. Not with these shorts. They take care of all sizes of people. Though it is not easy to get all the layers at once, they give a euphoric experience. These shorts have an outside layer with contrasting zippers. Just with a two-inch inseam, the shorts are detachably padded. Do you have any other padded shorts? These shorts work well on other padded shorts as well. They come across as comfortable and breathable.


  • Detachable 3D padded underwear inside design makes the shorts can be wear as a usual shorts as well as biking shorts.
  • Elastic band on both side of the waist, you can put the biking shorts on and off easily.
  • Zipper pockets hold your essentials safety when cycling.
  • The color-blocking design highlights the uniqueness of this shorts, simple but textured.
  • The women’s bike shorts are suitable for active sports such as biking, riding, camping and casual wear.
  • Quickly dries.


  • You may need to buy a size up.
  • Detachable padded shorts are on the thinner side.

4. Beroy Women’s MTB Riding Shorts

This model of the women’s mountain bike cycling shorts is made of an extremely soft brushed microfiber material. The material enhances comfortability of the riding experience especially for the longer rides. It is a seamless and stylish design that reduces eliminate chafing or abrasion. On longer or competitive rides it’s extremely important to protect your leg muscles. The skin tight but soft flexibility of the shorts means the material practically melts on your legs.

The material is protective from various infections in case of an accident or a scratch. Furthermore, the design has a cushioned layer for extra protection and seamlessness. The shorts are quite dense and thick and made with an extra foam. But it doesn’t affect the design. Foam cushion is installed in a place where your leg muscles need protection the most.

The shorts has a comfortable thickness and dual density. The pad doesn’t create uncomfortable feeling when wetted or sweated on. It provides a bone deep comfort. The tapering varies from medium thickness in the perineum and minimum thickness on the sides. One of the best benefits of these short model is its anatomical shape. This means that you will be able to control it and move around with ease.


  • Comes in the variety of colors and designs
  • The size ranges from XS to 3XL
  • The main color is black
  • Manufacturer company: Beroy
  • Type of shorts: for Women


  • Comes with a reflective logo on the material. Great for staying safe during the evening or night rides and bad weather. Reflective logos reflect light or shine to alert people or cars and reduce road accidents.
  • 220g/m2 80% polyester 20% spandex elastic skin tight fabric.
  • 3D gel padding on the inner side of the shorts,3 foam densities 80kg/m3, breathable material. Thick enough to stay comfortable during the longer rides.
  • Smooth and seamless technique that doesn’t create friction and guarantees great mobility.
  • The hem of the shorts is made of silicon which means it’s sweat proof and water proof. It also reduces the production of lactic acid.


  • Some customers have pointed out that these shorts are more comfortable for those who ride sitting upright than professional riders who have to shift and bend a lot.


When it comes to riding shorts in general they should be a close, almost skin tight fit pads included. This is because this way, they will provide better protection and mobility to the wearer. Furthermore, the material should be breathable. Especially for the type of fit and material biking shorts are made of.

It’s very important to get the right size shorts when shopping as otherwise you will simply waste money. You can’t cut and sew them to fit your body. Never forget to carefully look through the sizing charts manufacturers should provide. The tricky thing here is that you may fit into bigger or smaller sizes as these measurements vary a lot. So after studying the chart contact the manufacturer to specify details or read the reviews of those who have an experience with the particular type you want to purchase.

The advice here is to not buy a size up if you want to get the most out of your biking shorts. They will not fit well and it will make you uncomfortable when shifting and sweating during the longer rides.

How To Care For Your Riding Shorts?

The thing with riding shorts with pad cushioning is that you should definitely wash them clean after each ride. Now, there are many ways you can wash riding shorts. Hand washing is an option if you are in extreme situations. Other than that the advice is to put them in a washing machine and let them air dry afterwards.

Another peculiar thing about biking shorts is that they are usually worn without underwear. Therefore, it’s necessary that all riders use anti chafe balm or creams as many times as possible (pre and post ride is a recommended dosage). Especially during longer rides or competitions.


Do you want to take your cycling experience to another level? You must have breathable, comfortable, and relatively affordable shorts. Here are the best women’s mtb shorts. Get yourself a pair and thank me later.