Best E Bike Pedals – Buying Guide

Looking for the best e bike pedals? Bike pedals are very essential in the propelling of a bike. This is because the contact between the pedal and the rider is the most important and essential in the riding process. For this reason, bike pedals are one of the important parts of a bicycle.

When the rider places their foot on the pedal and pushes down, the energy gets transferred from the legs of the rider to the entire bike. First via the pedals it ends up propelling the bike forward. This entire process can be substantially increased by replacing your bike pedals with new ones.

E bike pedals come in pairs one for the left foot and the other for the right foot.

Adding good pedals to your bike highly improves their efficiency. This is because it improves your control on the bike. Plus, stylish pedals add some style to your bike too. Updating the pedals of your bike when the recent ones wear out is highly overlooked. In reality, it can take your riding experience to a whole new level. This is mainly because they will have a secure grip on your feet therefore making you feel more stable.

In addition to that, new pedals make one ride faster and more smoothly. There are two primary styles of e-bike pedals available in the market, namely flat and clipless pedals. One can select the ideal bike pedals for their rides based on their preferred riding style or personal preferences. Moreover, if you’re passionate about bikes and run a YouTube channel related to it, feel free to share your biking experiences and advice with others using JayNike.

Flat Pedals

Flat pedals are the most used kind of e bike pedals. Probably because they have been around for a bit longer than clipless pedals. In addition to that, flat pedals have a wide platform. Therefore, the rider is able to feel more secure while riding with them. These are enjoyed by bike riders who are into spinning, soaring and jumping around.

The tiny tooth like bumps present on these pedals are responsible for the firm grip that keeps the rider’s feet in place when riding on rocky trails and other obstacles on the roads. In this regard, a higher level of stability and grip than clipless pedals.

Flat pedals are also perfect pedals for individuals who are learning how to ride. It’s because it is easy for one to get on and off of this pedals. Getting on these pedals only requires placing your shoes on them and pushing down. Most of these pedals also come with pins that are adjustable. Thus, you can choose to either tighten or loosen the pedals’ grip on your shoes 

Clipless Pedals

These pedals have a self-contradicting name because they state that they are clipless. They function by clipping or holding the shoes of the rider by the use of cleats. A cleat is a metallic or plastic piece that gets attached to the shoes bottom side. They are designed in either two bolt or three bolt designs. And they simply lock the shoe of the rider to the pedal.

The three bolt cleat pedals are used on road bikes because they offer a more secure grip when compared to their counterparts. On the other hand two bolt cleat pedals are used on mountain bikes because they are easy to get on and off.

Mountain biking involves a lot of stops therefore these pedals are perfect.

These are mostly used in road bikes because riding on the road will not need you to keep getting on and off the pedals a number of times as mountain biking does. Therefore this renders these pedals right for commuting on the roads. There are a couple of words that one may come across when they are dealing with clip pedals. First is the word pedal float.

The pedal float is the level of angular rotations that the foot is allowed when it is already cleated on the pedal. Different clipless pedals allow different levels of float and there others whose float levels can be adjusted or customized. The second word is multiple release cleat which is a kind of cleat that enables riders to release their feet from the cleats more smoothly and easily but just at a higher angle when compared to other cleats.

How do pedals work?

When one places their feet on the pedals and push them down, the pedals transfer the energy to the bike which makes the crank turn. The crank then transfers the energy to the drive chain which triggers the wheel to start moving therefore making the whole bike propel forward. In this regard, if you happen to get your foot off the pedal then there will be no energy applied and transferred thus will end up slowing down.

Although e bikes come with installed flat pedals there are a number of times when they are not efficient enough and one may need to upgrade them or replace them completely. Below is a list of bike pedals that would greatly impact the riding experience of any rider and are also compatible with e bikes.

Best E Bike Pedals – SHIMANO Ultegra PD R8000

Shimano Ultegra has well been known for producing products of very high quality for a very long time and it has not left any feature to slack in this product either. These pedals assure every rider of a high level of performance. Their carbon composite bodies makes them surprisingly light weight which is very important to maintain on a bike.

Secondly, the body plate made of stainless steel ensures that the pedals take very long before they start to show any signs of wearing out. A wide platform is important for stability and these pedals have extra wide platforms therefore energy will be transferred efficiently throughout the bike. Thirdly, one is able to adjust the toughness of the grip offered by this pedal.

These pedals ensure that you don’t get easily dropped as it stops at a favorable position and you won’t have a hard time trying to get clipped in. These SHIMANO pedals offer a very secure grip hence one is able to ride at a high speed because they won’t be worried about sliding and falling. Lastly, the stack height of these pedals is quite low hence your pedaling stays stabilized throughout the ride.


  • Brand: SHIMANO
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Weight: 450 grams


  • Stiff body
  • No wobbling
  • Good quality
  • Affordable considering the quality
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install


Best E Bike Pedals – LOOK X Track MTB Pedals

The quality of these pedals can be compared to SHIMANO but at a cheaper price. Their design makes it very easy for your feet to get clipped onto the cleats .This is because your feet contact the pedals laterally guiding you to find the right positioning of your feet therefore you stay securely on the pedals even before you get cleated. Your feet will remain supported the whole time you are on the bike.

These pedals are very high duty meaning that they are able to work or function smoothly regardless of the outside weather conditions. The manufacturers concentrated on ensuring that the weight of the pedals is just right. This was done by identifying the points of the pedals which needed more weight and adding it there and taking away from the points that didn’t require a lot of weight or material.

One can confidently say that the weight body surface ratio is the best in the entire market. In addition to that, these pedals ensure that foreign matter like mud will never be a problem while in use because they are the best in getting rid of these. To add to these amazing features ,the level of tension in these pedals can be adjusted therefore a rider can always self-tune their bikes to fit their preferences.


  • Brand: LOOK
  • Material: Synthetic 


  • Sturdy 
  • Firm grip
  • Heavy duty


Best E Bike Pedals – Time Speciale 8 MTB Pedals

This is one of the clipless pedals that enable one to choose the angle of release which is a very cool feature. To add to that, getting clipped onto these pedals is very easy unlike other clipless pedals in the market. Every time you place your foot on the pedal, it will get rid of any mud or dirt and according to a number of customer reviews they are the best at this. Also, the appearance of these pedals is very stylish and the quality is top notch because it contains an axle that is hollo steel and steel bearings .Apart from being lightweight, it is also strong and easily usable because of its wide platform.


  • Brand: Time
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds


  • Have a solid grip
  • Durable
  • Can be used with ‘normal ‘shoes
  • Good looking


  • Platform may be large for some individuals

Best E Bike Pedals – FOOKER Non Slip Lightweight Nylon Fiber Platforms for BMX/MTB

If you are looking for pedals with the biggest treads then these are the perfect pick for you. These will offer more comfortability and safety too. The process of installing these is also the easiest because the pedal with the CR- L is for the left foot and the one with the CR –R is for the right foot. These pedals will stay with you for a long time as the bearing that is sealed gets to protect the spindles from harsh conditions like water and dust.

When these two get to the spindles then they make the pedals to make some type of noise. Therefore this feature is very beneficial especially for mountain bikers who came into contact with these elements often. Furthermore ,these bike pedals will stay with you for a long time as the bearing that is sealed gets to protect the spindles from water and dust. Both of the pedals have anti-skid nails on them thus the level of grip is also enough and to add to that, the pins are adjustable. In this regard the rider is able to adjust the level of grip that suits them.


  • Brand: FOOKER 
  • Material: Nylon
  • Thread size: 9/16”


  • Very sturdy
  • Needle bearing for long service life
  • Good looking 
  • Cheap


Best E Bike Pedals – CrankBrothers Stamp Flat BMX /MTB Platforms

To start with the grip on this pedal is crazy because of the 9 traction pins that are hex patterned. Secondly you will feel safe and solid on these pedals for sure. The body of these pedals is made of a composite blend that makes it very sturdy and durable. The pins on these pedals are also high enough to ensure that there is no possibility of you slipping and falling. The spindle of the pedal is very important and the one on these pedals is made of steel which is very durable.

Last but not least the one feature that makes these pedals highly recommended when compared to its counterparts is the fact that they are light weight and very slim which makes them work more efficiently. Not forgetting that the stamps of these pedals are quite big therefore it can fit quite a large number of riders.


  • Solid
  • Light weight
  • Water proof


  • The pins’ length can be quite uncomfortable

Best E Bike Pedals – ROCKBROS MTB Lightweight Nylon Fiber Platforms

As the name states, these pedals can be used in various types of bikes which is very reliable. These are very light weight hence if adding too much weight on your bicycles is one of your greatest concerns then they are the best fit for you. Both sides of these e bike pedals are covered with pins that are anti – skid meaning that you won’t have to worry about slipping and falling down as the grip is enough even when your pedal is muddy. In addition to this, the large platform also contributes to the rider’s stability on the bike.

The spindles of these pedals stay protected as the sealed bearings protect them from harsh conditions. In this regard the pedals will never at one point produce funny noises as you ride and you will be able to enjoy riding in all types of weather conditions .The surface of the pedals is covered with a nylon fiber that is rugged which makes sure that they survive a long time. As if all these features don’t make these pedals amazing enough, the spindles which are made with Cr – Mo make the pedals shock proof and abrasion resistant.


  • Material: Nylon Fiber + Cr – Mo
  • Brands: ROCKBROS
  • Weight: 0.8 pounds


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Can be large for some individuals

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best E Bike Pedals

Type of riding

First and foremost the best pedals for your e bike are those that meet your need. The first thing that one should understand is the kind of riding they are going to do .If it’s mountain biking then they should choose a flat pedal. However ,if they are using their bike to go for road biking then they should go for clipless pedals.

Purpose of riding

Secondly, a bike rider should consider their purpose of riding. Are they as a form of exercise or are they just doing it for fun? Do you want to indulge in competitive races or other activities? These are very important questions a rider should be able to answer when in search of the right pedals. For example if your goal is to go for long rides then clipless pedals will be more efficient because you won’t be off the bike until after a long time.


Thirdly, one should get a pedal that they are most comfortable on .This is because if you are not at ease when riding on your pedals then you have very high chances of falling off the bike. The number of the pins should be comfortable and their length should not feel like it’s piercing into your shoes. When using your pedals, you should be able to ride in the right position so as to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself. Therefore, if you are not stable enough to be able to sit in the right position then don’t get those pedals.


E bike pedals can be quite expensive if you keep buying them over and over again. Make sure that the peal you get is able to resist the harsh environmental elements. For instance, ensure that the spindle of the pedal is protected by a sealed bearing otherwise the pedal is not guaranteed to live for long. Another factor that affects the durability of the pedal is the surface of its body. If the surface is weak, then there is no chance that the body of the pedal will last long either.

Grip of the pedal 

If a pedal doesn’t have a secure grip then you will only end up hurting yourself and the bike because you will keep falling. In addition to that a pedal with no grip will make your riding very hard and less exciting because instead of paying attention to the process you will be more concerned about how your foot sits on the pedal. Many riders prefer traction pins that are quite thick or chunky because they offer better grip. The pins should also be long but not too long that they make you uncomfortable. In this regard, they should also be the right number because this also affects the level of grip of the pedals.


After understanding all the basics about bike pedals, their amazing benefits and the process of selecting the best once for your e bike, it’s only right that you get one of these for your e bike and make your life easier and your riding more exciting.