Causes and Rights of Pedestrians and Cyclists in Auto Accidents

If a cyclist or pedestrian is harmed by a careless or reckless vehicle, they may be entitled to compensation as claimed by a lawyer. This can assist cover the damage caused by the accident, allowing you to completely recuperate. Each accident is different, but everyone on the road must practice reasonable caution. As a bicycle or pedestrian, you must obey traffic signals and understand who has the right of way. However, drivers in their automobiles bear major obligations as well. In this article, we will discuss the causes and rights of pedestrians and cyclists in an auto accident.

The most prevalent causes of accidents in which drivers are at fault include:

  • When a driver is distracted cause of using a mobile phone
  • Door opening of a parked car without looking
  • Cutting off or tailgating cyclist
  • Failure to look before switching lanes
  • Denying the right of way to cyclists or pedestrians

What are the Legal Rights of Pedestrians?

Certain rights are given to pedestrians by traffic laws to make sure of their safety on roadways. Pedestrians have the right of way at designated crosswalks and crossings in most jurisdictions, even when traffic lights are not present. When a pedestrian legally crosses the roadway, cars must yield and take the appropriate steps to avoid an accident. 

However, pedestrians have their own set of obligations. Crossing outside of defined crosswalks or against traffic signals may reduce their legal rights in case of an accident. In circumstances where both the motorist and the pedestrian share accountability, legal considerations such as comparative negligence may be applied to assess liability and damages.

What are the Legal Rights of Cyclists?

Cyclists, like pedestrians, have certain rights and obligations on the road. They have the right to utilize streets and designated bike lanes, and cars must respect them and allow enough space while passing. Cyclists are also protected by traffic laws that provide right-of-way and safe passing distances. Despite these safeguards, cyclists are frequently at a higher risk of harm in accidents due to the absence of physical protection provided by vehicles. Common forms of cycling accidents include events, in which a parked car’s door is opened into the path of an incoming cyclist, and right-hook crashes, in which a turning vehicle impacts a cyclist heading straight through an intersection.

These injuries can deprive a person of their health, earning capability, along with their capacity to care for their family. Bicycle and pedestrian accident victims sometimes require expensive medical treatment. In the case of severe injuries, the person may require this care for the rest of his or her life.