Exploring the Wilderness: Chobe National Park with Falcon Safaris

Chobe Public Park, situated in northern Botswana, is one of Africa’s head natural life objections. Known for its noteworthy biodiversity and the biggest convergence of elephants on the landmass, Chobe offers an unmatched safari experience. Hawk Safaris gives masterfully created visits to this brilliant park, guaranteeing that each guest can completely submerge themselves in the miracles of Chobe. This article will dig into the different administrations and encounters Hawk Safaris offers for an extraordinary excursion through Chobe Public Park.

The Grandness of Chobe Public Park

Chobe Public Park, covering an area of 11,700 square kilometers, brags a staggering exhibit environments, from rich floodplains and thick timberlands to parched savannas. The Chobe Waterway, which shapes the recreation area’s northern limit, is a life saver for the plentiful natural life that gathers along its banks. This different environment upholds a wide assortment of animal groups, making Chobe a must-visit for natural life lovers and photographic artists.

Why Choose Falcon Safaris?

Falcon Safaris is devoted to giving excellent travel encounters custom-made to your inclinations and necessities. Their group of experienced experts guarantees that each part of your process is fastidiously arranged and executed. Here is a point by point take a gander at the administrations they give:

1 Guided Tours of Chobe National Park

Encountering the greatness of Chobe Public Park with a learned aide upgrades the safari experience. Hawk Safaris offers directed visits that take you to the best review spots and unexpected, yet invaluable treasures inside the recreation area. Their aides are energetic about the locale and give top to bottom bits of knowledge into the recreation area’s set of experiences, nature, and untamed life.

Morning and Night Game Drives: Partake in the recreation area’s excellence at various times to catch the ideal lighting for photography and witness different creature ways of behaving.

Boat Safaris: Journey along the Chobe Waterway and notice elephants, hippos, and crocodiles from an exceptional vantage point.

Strolling Safaris: Investigate the recreation area by walking with an accomplished aide, offering a nearer association with the climate and its occupants.

  1. Remarkable Natural life Experiences

Chobe Public Park is prestigious for its unbelievable untamed life. Falcon Safaris guarantees that you have sufficient chances to see and photo a different scope of creatures in their regular living spaces.

Elephant Herds  Witness the spectacular sight of enormous elephant crowds gathering along the Chobe Stream. Chobe is home to one of the greatest groupings of elephants in Africa.

Predators: Spot lions, panthers, and hyenas lurking here and there, alongside different carnivores like wild canines and cheetahs.

Bird Watching: With more than 450 bird species, Chobe is a birdwatcher’s heaven. Pay special attention to the African fish bird, carmine honey bee eaters, and the interesting Pel’s fishing owl.

  1. Experience Exercises

For daredevils, Falcon Safaris can orchestrate different experience exercises to supplement your safari experience.

Fishing Safaris: Take a shot at fishing in the Chobe River, known for its tiger fish and bream.

Grand Flights: Get an elevated perspective of Chobe Public Park and the encompassing scene with a beautiful flight.

Social Tours: Visit close by towns to find out about the neighborhood culture and customs, adding a human touch to your safari experience.

  1. Extravagant Facilities

Following a day of investigating, unwind and loosen up in one of Falcon Safaris’ lavish facilities. They collaborate with the best cabins and camps in the district to give solace and style during your visit.

Riverside Lodges: Remain in perfectly planned lodges along the Chobe Stream, offering staggering perspectives and simple admittance to safari exercises.

Shop Camps: Appreciate customized administration and upscale conveniences in close, store style camps.

Extravagance Camping: For a more courageous encounter, choose very good quality setting up camp under the stars, with every one of the solaces of an extravagance stop.

  1. Custom Schedules

Each voyager is extraordinary, and Hawk Safaris spends significant time in making custom agendas that match your inclinations, inclinations, and financial plan.

Family Packages: Appreciate fun and instructive encounters for families with youngsters.

Heartfelt Getaways: Ideal for honeymooners and couples searching for a heartfelt break.

Visual Safaris: Custom fitted for photography devotees, with chances to catch the ideal shot of Chobe’s natural life.

  1. Comprehensive Travel Planning and Support

Falcon Safaris gives complete travel arranging and support to guarantee your excursion goes flawlessly beginning to end.

Visa Assistance: Help with getting the vital visas for your outing.

Air terminal Transfers: Agreeable and dependable transportation to and from the air terminal.

24/7 Support : Their group is accessible nonstop to help with any necessities or crises.


A visit to Chobe Public Park with Falcon Safaris is something beyond an outing; it’s a rare experience. Their large number of administrations guarantees that you can encounter the recreation area and environmental elements in a manner is custom fitted to your cravings. From exciting game drives and boat safaris to lavish facilities and custom agendas, falcon Safaris gives all that you want to a remarkable excursion through Chobe Public Park. Book your outing with Falcon Safaris today and find the wizardry of Chobe.