How to Create a Budget-Friendly DIY Indoor Playground equipment for Kids

In this age of technology, it’s important to balance screen time with active play. However, indoor play equipment can be expensive and take up a significant amount of space. But worry not, as we’ve got you covered with some budget-friendly and creative ideas to create an amazing DIY indoor playground for your little ones!

  1. Recycled Materials: 

Why spend a fortune on indoor playground equipment when you can repurpose everyday items? Create a mini rock climbing wall using old wooden crates, attach a rope ladder made from sturdy ropes and wooden dowels, or even build a balance beam using scrap plywood. Imagination is key, and as long as the materials are safe and secure, possibilities are endless!

  1. Handcrafted Soft Play Area:

Consider making a soft play area with minimal sewing skills. Gather colourful fleece fabric and stuff them with foam or batting to create soft cushions and pillows. Sew a tunnel or a fabric tent, and voila! You’ve transformed a corner of your home into an enchanting haven for your little adventurers.

  1. DIY Obstacle Course:

Challenge your kids with an exciting obstacle course! Utilise furniture like tables, chairs, and cushions to create tunnels, jump hurdles, and crawl through improvised mazes. Add some colourful tape on the ground to create hopscotch or follow-the-line challenges. Not only will this keep them active, but it also enhances their cognitive skills.

  1. Sensory Delights:

Engage your child’s senses with cost-effective sensory elements. Fill a large plastic tub with coloured slime or kinetic sand to provide tactile stimulation. Install a DIY sensory wall by attaching various textures and objects, such as bells, locks, mirrors, and fabric, onto a wooden board. These activities aid in sensory development and provide hours of endless fun!

  1. DIY Swing Set Indoors:

Who said swings were strictly for outdoor use? You can create an indoor swing set utilising strong ceiling hooks and durable ropes. Ensure that your installation adheres to safety standards and that an adult supervises during play. This can become a favourite spot for your child to relax and swing away their worries.


Creating kids indoor play equipment doesn’t have to break the bank. By utilising recycled materials, handcrafted soft play areas, DIY obstacle courses, sensory elements, and even bringing the swings indoors, you can provide your kids with hours of entertainment while fostering their physical and cognitive development. So, roll up your sleeves and unleash your creativity while enjoying quality playtime with your little