How to use a disposable electronic cigarette: the principle of operation of the device

Vaping enthusiasts decide to buy disposable e-cigarettes primarily because of their simplicity and ease of use. If we briefly characterize the process of using disposable e-cigarettes, we can draw a parallel with the famous phrase “come, see, win”. Only in the case of such devices for vaping everything is even simpler: “bought, vaporized, handed over for disposal”.

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Although, to tell the truth, with the advent of rechargeable models, the owners of such devices have more troubles: you have to charge the battery as well. However, the main principle of vapor production in single-use, reusable sub-systems, and traditional vapes remains unchanged. Let’s understand how a disposable electronic cigarette works, and how it differs from other devices.

Electronic cigarettes: let there be vapor!

The first “e-cigarettes” were created to offer avid smokers an alternative way to deliver nicotine to the body. Modern disposable cigarettes maximally realize this principle: the liquid uses nicotine salt, which is quickly assimilated by the body and is removed from it longer, which reduces the duration of smoke breaks and their number. But all electronic devices receive vapor under the same scheme: the liquid is heated with a spiral, then it vaporizes, and the owner of the device draws the vapor into the lungs. Power is provided by a battery, taste properties are created by food flavorings, which are included in the composition of the liquid.

In disposable vaporizers, the vaporization chamber and the tank for storing the liquid are combined in one compartment, which allows you to reduce the size of the device. And the properties of saline nicotine made unnecessary a large tank volume and a powerful battery. In general, all pods have such a design – in fact, disposable pods are their variety and “relatives” of reusable pod-systems of closed and open type.

But the key features of disposable electronic cigarettes are that:

  • they work only until the life of the liquid is exhausted;
  • you can’t refill the liquid or install a new cartridge;
  • the devices do not require maintenance and care;
  • you only need to inhale to activate it;
  • after use, the old device can not be thrown away – it must be recycled.
  • However, the last point also applies to any other vaping device.

Oh, how many sweet puffs prepare electronic POD vaporizer for us!

Indeed, all vaping enthusiasts pay attention to the number of puffs declared by manufacturers. In fact, this indicator depends on the cartridge volume and battery capacity. Although after the emergence of rechargeable models, whose battery can be recharged, the main factor determining the service life of a disposable is the capacity of the tank. On sale you can find disposable electronic cigarettes, designed for a wide range of pulls – from 300 to 7000. It is the rechargeable devices that have the highest rates.

In practice, the actual number of draws depends on the manner and intensity of vaping, so the same model can serve different owners for different periods of time. Activation occurs by puffing, and the vapor is inhaled first into the mouth and only then into the lungs. This is a feature of the tight puff that should be used when vaping these devices.

It is important to pause after each puff, so that the liquid has time to wet the vaporizer to avoid burning out the latter and a feeling of bitterness. This must be remembered to make the device last as long as possible, because it can not be repaired or exchanged. So proper use is the key to maximizing the longevity of disposables. Although the term durability is used more for solidity, as the life cycle of such “electronics” is from one to 14-15 days.