Is polyamory healthier than monogamous relationships?

When we talk about relationships, the first thing that comes to mind is monogamous relationships. They are common in our society and that makes polyamory sometimes frowned upon. But here we are to put the doubts to rest. Throughout this article we are going to talk about whether polyamory is really healthier than monogamous relationships. 

Why can polyamory be better than a monogamous relationship? 

Before going into details, we want to make it clear that society is evolving, which means that old beliefs are slowly becoming a thing of the past and new beliefs are making their way in. 

Thanks to the evolution of society we can say that polyamorous relationships are beginning to be seen in a better light. Taking this information into account, it is normal that more and more people, especially young people, are betting on polyamory. As luxury escorts in Madrid from Casual Escorts say, they are noticing that more and more clients are betting on polyamory because of the many advantages it offers. 

1- Communication is more open in polyamory 

When a couple is in a monogamous relationship, they may have problems communicating. This is because monogamous relationships do not usually allow the option of expressing feelings freely. This communication problem makes people feel uncomfortable, and as a consequence, it can lead to an emotional break-up between the affected parties. Even escorts tell us that there are many monogamous clients who use their services to escape monogamy, even if it is only temporarily.  

In polyamorous relationships, on the other hand, things change significantly. It is a type of relationship that is characterised by honest and open communication. Thanks to this freedom, people feel much more comfortable. Thanks to this freedom, people feel happier and this makes the couple much happier over time. 

2- Jealousy tends to be less common in polyamory. 

When we talk about polyamory, one of the first things that comes to mind is that jealousy will sooner or later make its presence felt because of the different relationships. But jealousy is not the only concern, there are also worries about difficulties in having children or the issue of STDs.  

If we focus on sexually transmitted diseases, it has been shown that there is actually less chance of STDs in a polyamorous relationship than in a monogamous relationship. This is because communication is more open, which means more knowledge and more control. 

When it comes to jealousy, polyamory is much healthier. When such a relationship is enjoyed, both partners know what they are submitting to. If a couple really enjoys polyamory, jealousy will never be present. All this means that polyamorous couples offer a great deal of satisfaction to each partner. Sometimes having fewer worries is much more positive for the couple.  

3- People feel more secure 

Believe it or not, people feel much safer in a polyamorous relationship than in a monogamous one. In monogamous relationships it is much easier for jealousy and insecurity to appear as soon as one of the two partners breaks the traditional protocol of the couple. In a monogamous relationship, it is common to feel jealous of many people such as ex-partners, friends… In polyamory relationships, on the other hand, this jealousy does not exist because the relationship is open.  

It is relevant to note that jealousy does not have a unique impact on polyamorous couples in contrast to monogamous couples. The intensity of these feelings varies considerably depending on the people in the relationship and the overall quality of the relationship. 

Does that mean that jealousy does not exist in polyamory? No, jealousy cannot exist in polyamorous relationships, but it is usually less present. This is because the couple is open. Sometimes, if jealousy appears in an open relationship, it may be because one of the two partners is not really sure that this kind of relationship is the best idea.  

4- Children have different emotions with polyamory. 

According to the latest data, polyamorous couples are in the process of developing their knowledge of how to raise their children. In this case, polyamorous couples have to find a balance between the different partners in order to ensure that the children’s education can be adequate.  

Couples who are committed to polyamory are couples who are always committed to open communication. This communication is picked up by children and this can help them in the future. Learning to communicate openly is fundamental. 

What is better, monogamous or polyamorous relationship? 

We cannot say which type of relationship is better because it really all depends on each person’s thinking. At the end of the day, both types of relationships are valid. 

As escorts tell us, each person should look inside themselves to know if they really want a polyamorous or monogamous relationship. Each of the two options has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, in order to find the right relationship, it is best to try both. That way the person can find out which alternative is the best fit for each person.  

If we look at society in general, we realise that monogamy is still the main protagonist, although it is true that polyamory is gradually gaining prominence, especially among young couples. Remember, the most important thing is happiness.