Top 10 Home Decor Items For Your Living Room

Home, especially the living room, is beyond brick and mortar. It is a personal space where we connect with loved ones and create long-lasting memories. The key to crafting such a comfortable and inviting ambiance lies in the carefully chosen home decor, which also reflects the residents’ personalities. To help you create such a unique style, we have curated a list of top 10 home decor items, ranging from wall clocks to planters and curtains, that will elevate the look of your living room instantly and can easily be sourced from local markets or from online stores like Wakefit. So gear up to create a living room that speaks volumes about you. 

Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are more than just timekeepers. They talk about the style and vibe of the inhabitants. For a retro flair, go for the classic cuckoo clock with pendulums. If rusty is your style, pick wooden clocks with Roman numerals. If modern is what defines you the best, metal clocks with sleek lines may complement your space well. Check out your favorite stores or choose a wall clock online as a conversation starter in your living room.

Wall Paintings

Online retail platforms offer a plethora of choices in aesthetic paintings to adorn your living room walls – calming landscapes, captivating portraits, modern art, or intriguing abstract paintings. For a personal touch, create a unique gallery wall with a series of small framed paintings based on your favorite destination, artist, philosophy, or personal memories close to your heart. 


Curtains set the tone of a room by adjusting the natural light. Lush velvety curtains add a dramatic touch, whereas airy floral linens create a breezy, relaxed feel. You may layer contrast fabrics and colors for grandeur or use solid colors for minimalist styling. Your choice of curtains can significantly determine the ambiance of your living room.

Lamps and Lights

Lighting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. An aesthetic floor lamp near the sofa or a table lamp on the side table creates a soft glow throughout the room. Or, make a bold statement with grand chandeliers or hanging pendants. Use the power of ambient lighting to set the mood, be it for an evening get together with friends or a romantic night with your partner.


Looking for budget-friendly options? Plants are the best pick, as they not only liven up the space but also purify the air around them. Ceramic planters add a classy feel to the living room, while those with abstract or geometric prints enhance the fun element of the space. You may also opt for hanging planters to utilize the vertical space.

Cushions and throw pillows

These are other pocket-friendly options to add a pop of color, pattern, and texture to your living room interior. While soft fiber-filled cushions provide back support and comfort during movie nights and family get-togethers, velvet or silk materials can be used for a luxurious touch. Feel free to even mix and match to suit your taste and functionality.

Sculptures and Wall Arts

Are you looking to add depth and dimension to your room? Invest in some tasteful sculptures like wooden carvings, animal figurines or abstract wall arts, to enhance the natural texture and warmth of your living room. While the cost of such art pieces is more than a wall clock price, they can speak volumes about you if chosen thoughtfully.


This multifunctional piece of furniture not only stores and displays your book collections but can also tell tales of your interests and personality. They can also house small decorative pieces or planters to match the room’s aesthetics. For smaller living rooms, you may opt for corner bookshelves or floating shelves of engineered wood. For a more rustic look, you may look for traditional antique designs made with teak or sheesham.

Rugs and Carpets

For a cozy underfoot experience and an elegant look, rugs and carpets of various patterns and colors can be used. Play with materials and textures like fur, jute, or tufted carpets to create the required ambiance. You may also experiment with stripes, motifs, or geometric patterns that reflect your style.


Beyond elevating the interior of your living room, ottomans serve multiple purposes. They provide extra seating, a comfy footrest, or can even act as a makeshift coffee table. Pick up an upholstered ottoman or one with printed motifs and designs, whatever suits your vibe.

And there you have it! We hope the top 10 list of living room decor has equipped you to find unique pieces to personalize your space and tell your story. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules. Embrace the joy of experimentation, mix and match styles and create a space that makes you feel comfortable and resonates with your vibe. Make the most of the digital age, where you can find a large variety of decor items ranging from statement pieces to sculptures and wall decor online at your fingertips. So gear up and have fun transforming your living room with the perfect decor. Happy decorating!