Top 5 18-inch BMX Bike For Kids

You must be a pretty cool kid to ride this awesome bike. The 18-inch BMX Bike is specifically for the little guys who want to learn the trick of the trade. This BMX is equipped with front and rear rubber handbrakes that give the rider full control of their bicycle.

The bike also boasts a v-type frame, five-star aluminum rim, and crank kit, designed for enduring quality. If you’re passionate about bikes and have a corresponding YouTube channel, don’t hesitate to share your biking experiences and insights with a wider audience through YouTubeStorm. Meantime, In this article, review the list of the best 18-inch BMX bikes specifically for kids, who also look cool by riding their bikes.

The Best 18-inch BMX Bike

18-inch BMX bikes are a great way to get started in BMX racing. They are lightweight, easy to ride and have low standover heights that make them easier to mount and dismount.

Here are 5 of the best 18-inch BMX bikes on the market today:

Mongoose Kink 18-Inch Complete Bike in Black/White

This kid’s bike is designed to look like a pro cyclist’s bike, with metal spoked tires and black handles. A four-bolt aluminum stem and four-piece handlebars add to the ride’s comfort. The Mongoose Kink is an 18-inch BMX bike with everything you need to get rolling. The lightweight aluminum frame and fork enhance maximum strength and durability, while the 2.125-inch wheels roll fast over any terrain. The Kink has a high-rise handlebar for added control and comfort and a dual-pivot brake system for stopping power on those long descents.


  • Easy to control due to its small size
  • It is great looking at a bike
  • Good quality bike for the price


  • No assembly instructions included

Elite BMX 18-Inch Bike

The Elite BMX is an excellent choice for the young rider to get the first experience in BMX. The frame is made from chrome-moly tubing, making it very strong and durable. The frame also features a 12mm headtube, which increases strength and reduces weight. The fork is also made from chrome-moly and has a 10mm crown race to increase strength and stiffness.

The tires on this bike are 27 x 2 inches, which provides plenty of traction while still being small enough to provide good maneuverability in tight spaces. The rims are made from steel and feature 36 spokes per wheel to provide plenty of support while still being lightweight enough to provide good acceleration when needed.


  • Lever gearing that is both efficient and smooth
  • The metallic body has a sealed bearing.
  • Both front and back wheel pegs
  • Brake system that is both quick and safe


  • Interior painting at a low cost
  • Taller adults should not use this product.

Huffy Kids Bike 18- Inches 

When it relates to BMX Bikes, the Huffy Kids Bike is the ultimate; the build is excellent, there are loads of impressive features, and this is the bicycle that children can feel completely at ease with. Huffy is recognized for producing great bicycles, and this addition is a tribute to their incredible abilities.

If your child is new to BMX cycling, this is the cycle to get them; if you are skillful enough, setup will just take a couple of minutes. This incredibly light bike holds only 24 pounds, which is perfect for flips and acrobatics because the bike becomes adaptable for various types of riding.


  • Compact Design
  • Superb Control and Stability
  • Movable Seat & Handlebar stem 
  • Beautiful and Sleek Construction


  • The bike’s front forks are too narrow and must be bent.

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike 18- Inches

The BMX mentality inspired the RoyalBaby Freestyle kid’s bike, and it’s all about having fun, being creative, having freedom, and having friends. The sporty design is ideal for the next riding sensation. Each bike is fitted with a RoyalBaby patent sealed bearing for smooth riding. Instructional wheels are included with 12 to18 inch bikes, making it simple for even little learners to achieve stability and train to pedal. Minimum travel duration grips ensure enhanced braking effectiveness, while a strong steel frame and 2.4″ wide cylinder tires will attend to your child on every trip and safely return them home.


  • Easy to assemble;
  • Good quality wheels
  • The bike is very sturdy


  • The pedals are plastic and tend to break easily


If you’re looking for a BMX bike simply for the fantastic tricks and feats, the Sullivan Ambush Mini BMX is a great choice. It’s a small product, but it’s mighty, packed with incredible features and functions that will allow you to perform stunts like Daredevil.

The Sullivan Ambush Mini BMX is a bike suitable for children of all ages and gender identities; as long as they enjoy big epic, they will have a lot of fun with the Sullivan. It will be true love when it concerns the bike’s appearance; the combination of colors this bike gives is just stunning.


  • BMX Bike Trick of the Year
  • Constructive Strength
  • Assembly is simple and quick.
  • Incredible Color Configurations 


  • It’s Difficult to Inflate Tires

Why do kids prefer BMX bikes?

Off-road sports bicycles, or BMX bikes, are ideal for competition or acrobatic rides. Their featherweight build provides excellent security and stability, and they are a blast to ride. These bikes have a one-of-a-kind design for a tough urban experiences. These bikes allow children to have a fantastic time while also getting great exercise, which is important for the bloodstream and overall wellness.

Kids develop confidence, grow, and acquire a variety of new stunts to perform on their bikes, thanks to BMX Bikes. Furthermore, if the bike is really outstanding, it can divert the parents’ attention away from the children’s BMX riding.

What makes the right decision to buy an 18-Inches BMX bike?

As you’ll see, while choosing a BMX bike, there are numerous factors to consider. The most important thing is your budget. Your budget should be enough to purchase a good quality BMX bike with all the necessary features.

The length of your child’s physique is another essential consideration. You should make sure that you purchase a bike that matches the height and weight of your child’s body.

The third factor is the type of riding style you want from your child or teenager who will use this bike for daily riding.

Final Words

We hope the top 5 18-inch BMX bikes for the coolest kid above will be your guide in finding a suitable bike. Be sure you read there are some features you must have in your mind when choosing a BMX, like a wheel size, frame size, and standover height, so you don’t get fooled by manufacturers.

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